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Let Us be your Trusted Managed IT Services Partner. We assist customers in successfully increasing their productivity and business profits with streamlined technology and logical common sense IT Support and Technology Management and Operations. In the South Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.

Expert Turnkey provides local medium and small businesses only the best and most proven IT solutions. In today's rapidly advancing technology market, we believed that companies need a good friend who can help and guide them through the daily challenges that come with technological growth. We provide cloud, security and mobility services - to name a few. 

Helping customers increase their productivity and profits with streamlined technology operations. Creating success & peace of mind for our clients through reliable services, products and training and services that build corporate and personal productivity.

Here are some of the reasons you can depend on Expert Turnkey to keep your business up and running. Core values:

  • Professional and personal honesty and integrity together with high moral standards and a relentless commitment to excellent customer service

  • Relentless commitment to excellent customer service

  • High Work Ethic and mutual respect.

  • Respect all and treat everyone with kindness, dignity and compassion.

  • Adaptable to customers needs.

  • Fast and friendly cooperation and teamwork to achieve more.

  • Exceptional quality of service at all times.

  • Always keeping an open line of communication.

  • We Listen to our customers. They know best!

  • Keeping promises to our friends and clients.

  • We appreciate your opinion and decisions.

  • High moral standards.

  • Positive attitude and competent professionals.

  • Hard work and dedication.

  • Look for new ideas, thinking out of the box. Seeking better ways to do things.


We never miss a beat. Our onsite response time is very quick. Either onsite or remote directly in to your pc, server or network remotely and resolve just about any issues immediately. But we like to be onsite as well so you don’t forget what we look like.


In the technology business since 2003. Our customers continue with us through the years.


Our friendly staff is seasoned and marinated! We only hire professional technicians with 5-10 years experience at least. We strive for continuing education to stay current with the latest technology trends. We rather send out trained techs. It’s better that way.


Our goal is to be proactive, and not let things break first. With the latest network monitoring technology and information management we can successfully manage your business 24/7 and identify issues before they impact your business and cause any downtime.


We answer complicated questions in simple and plain english. We want you to understand whats going on. All our techs will explain to you whats really going on so you do not have any doubts on whats needed to fix your problem.


Our goal is for you, as our customer, are completely satisfied with our services and the solutions we offer to you. We give your our complete commitment to 100% satisfaction and will do what it takes to achieve your trust.



We consult, design and evaluate technology solutions from a real world perspective and understanding how it can benefit your business.


We care for all aspects of your technology including hardware and software, vendors and any other related needs. We focus on your tech so you can focus on your business.


Our years of experience with managing all types of complex networks can help with managing your technology project. We deal with all the vendors. Your project will be handled correctly and have a one point of contact to deter from any issues and delays.


Immediately deliver increased performance to your business's bottom line.

Technology is a continuum. Starting with the right infrastructure and adding ongoing maintenance. With the foundation already finished, the next focus is on increasing the productivity and efficiency of your user base. Many businesses seldom reach this phase and really don’t understand the dramatic effects that it can have on the company’s success. Our skilled and experienced team will work one on one with you, to review your business requirements, goals, and ensure we install the right technology to help you succeed.

Fort Lauderdale Best in class IT business managed support
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