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If you are doing business over today’s Internet, security has to be a priority for your organization.

For those businesses that could use a platform that provides an additional layer of security for their emails, Expert Turnkey offers a full-scale email encryption solution. Our easily-integrated solution could be the difference between a seemingly benign transmission of information and a debacle that could put your business at risk.

Email Encryption: Feature

Extra E-mail Protection

A comprehensive security solution for emails you send and receive.

With nearly three-quarters of all email categorized as spam, users get a significant influx of messages that they have no use for. Some of those messages seep through the spam filter and are delivered to your inbox; and some of those messages are carrying devastating malware that can wreak havoc on a workstation, server, or network.

You can now ensure the contents of your person-to-person emails can only be read by you and the parties they are designed for. The interoperability with your current email platform, whether you host your own infrastructure or use a hosted alternative, allows you the security you are looking for without the need to install software every time you want to send a secure message.

Regulations and Email

Send emails with information that you could not normally be sent

Many businesses need to meet the security standards outlined in Federal and industry regulations. With Expert Turnkey's email encryption platform, we can ensure that all the protected information you send finds only its intended target. Our solutions prevent accidental exposure of:

  • Healthcare Information

  • Credit Cards Information

  • Social Security numbers

  • Other Financial Information

  • And More

Smiling Man on Laptop

Email Security with Support

Get the email support you need in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach FL areas

Like all of the business solutions we offer, our encrypted email comes with full comprehensive support. If your technology isn’t working properly, our technicians can fix problems remotely.

To find out what makes Expert Turnkey the top technology deployment company for businesses in the Miami Dade, Broward, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach FL areas contact us Today!

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