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Connect, share, and collaborate
with RingCentral meetings and conferencing.

Expert Turnkey can help you Increase your Miami Dade, Broward, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach Florida Business team's collaboration and business efficiency, while you reduce travel expenses. Discover the benefits of stronger customer engagement and lead generation with an all-inclusive audio and video conferencing solution.


RingCentral Meetings empowers you to collaborate around the world on all of your favorite devices. Share content and meet with teams live in HD video.


Boost conferencing efficiency with interactive screen sharing.

Real-time collaboration accelerates the speed of your decision making without the back and forth of email exchanges. Host large trainings and conferences with up to 500 people by simply sharing your desktops, applications, presentations, files, or whiteboards from your computers or smart devices. You and any participant can comment on and highlight the shared content with advanced annotation tools. Record and distribute your meetings for future reference.


Meet face-to-face with global teams.

Eliminate unproductive and expensive travel and stay connected with colleagues, partners, and clients in high-definition video conference calls, even if they are not RingCentral customers. It’s only a click away to join a video meeting from your computers, smartphones, or tablets. Join a meeting's audio by simply using Call Me to call your phone. Easily invite people on the fly and chat with a group or individuals within a meeting.


Advanced functionality delivers a better conferencing experience.

Your meetings are clear and engaging with active speaker spotlight, flexible meeting settings, and permissions. Attendees can grant remote control of their computers to other participants, which is a powerful support tool. Anyone can share content, make annotations, and send text messages. Your productivity soars with reliable, enterprise-grade online meetings and video conferencing.

For many Florida based companies in the Miami Dade, Broward, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach areas, it's very important to keep in touch. Find out how your company can benefit from a low cost Hi-Tech Conferencing solution from Expert Turnkey Solutions and Ringcentral today!

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