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Cut Costs with HaaS From Expert Turnkey Today!


How many of your workstations or other pieces of equipment are out of date and due to be refreshed? If you are like other Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach small businesses, then you are more than likely to have a couple clunkers that could be replaced. Many times it's a matter of taking on the capital expense of buying new hardware, but eventually you'll begin to see the affect it has on your company's efficiency. Inefficiency that results from malfunctioning or antiquated hardware will cost you more in downtime than you may realize. With Expert Turnkey's Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution, you don't have to worry about failing hardware and costly downtime.

Expert Turnkey provides you with all the devices you need to run your business, including servers, workstations, routers, switches, NAS hardware, mobile devices or any piece of hardware you could need to keep your business up and running. We refresh them before they become obsolete. If any piece of your HaaS package ever fails, we simply replace it at no additional expense to you. Our HaaS solution is particularly helpful to businesses that don't normally purchase hardware in bulk.

  • No Upfront Cost to Upgrade

    • ​Incorporate your hardware renewal into your monthly service plan.

  • Gain Peace of Mind with HaaS

    • ​No more pain associated with unexpected hardware failure expenses.

For more information on how  Hardware as a Service can reduce your IT costs. Call us today!

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