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New Exciting Features And Updates For Microsoft Azure

Windows Server containers preview support in Azure Kubernetes Service

Finally! The preview of Windows Server containers in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) (latest versions, 1.13.5 and 1.14.0.)  Win Server containers can not only be deployed, but also orchestrated in AKS enabling new paths to migrate and modernize Windows Server applications in Azure.

Capacity to oversee Windows and Linux containers next to each other in the equivalent Kubernetes group with precisely the same APIs, apparatuses and support is the thing that you have been requesting that we support, which opens a plenitude of new situations. For instance, you would now be able to add Windows hub pools to existing Virtual Network; or convey a Linux containers running a turn around intermediary or Redis store and an IIS application in a Windows compartment in the equivalent Kubernetes group and even as a major aspect of a similar application - all with steady checking background and arrangement pipelines.

-Manage the lifecycle of Linux and Windows containers easily through Azure Container Registry.

-Deliver applications faster on any OS with a standardized deployment pipeline.

-Gather valued info into the performance and health of your Kubernetes cluster and workloads with comprehensive monitoring using Azure Monitor.

Go here to view short Kubernetes whiteboard videos with Brendan Burns, one of the co-founders of Kubernetes, and learn how it works for both Windows and Linux!


256 Character Support for Azure Active Directory Passwords

Microsoft has reported that they have expelled the 16 character Azure Active Directory secret phrase farthest point and administrators would now be able to utilize something like a limit of 256 characters. This adjusts the passwords lengths to those of on-premises Windows Active Directory administrations.

With these changes, accounts in Azure AD currently have an a base secret word arrangement of 8 characters and a limit of 256 characters. Microsoft's Azure AD "Secret phrase approaches and confinements" bolster record has additionally been refreshed with this data.

"Intermittent secret phrase termination is a safeguard just against the likelihood that a secret phrase (or hash) will be stolen amid its legitimacy interim and will be utilized by an unapproved substance. On the off chance that a secret phrase is never stolen, there's no compelling reason to lapse it. What's more, in the event that you have proof that a secret key has been stolen, you would probably act promptly as opposed to trust that termination will fix the issue."


Azure Pipelines: Now Supports Additional Hosted Apple/Mac Operating System Versions

Azure Pipelines, our facilitated CI/CD arrangement, has been putting forth designers the capacity to manufacture and test applications utilizing Microsoft-facilitated macOS and Xcode specialists, including applications for iOS and watchOS.

Not long ago, we were eager to impart to you that the Hosted macOS operators would have been moved up to OS X 10.14 (Mojave). At the season of that declaration we said that we were planning to drop support for High Sierra and Xcode forms beneath 9.4.1. Having spoken with various groups about their clients appropriation of the most recent mac OS refreshes, we have chosen to keep the High Sierra picture accessible and kept up.

This not just helps groups who need more seasoned adaptations of Xcode for their assembles, yet it likewise enables you to work with the most recent bits on Mojave and after that run computerized tests with High Sierra also.

Following stages for Hosted macOS Agents

We are anticipating declarations to originated from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June. We will keep on offering help for the most recent macOS and Xcode renditions to empower you to create incredible encounters focused to Apple's biological system, including macOS, iOS, and watchOS. Notwithstanding keeping our macOS develop operators to-date, we will keep on investigating and update different instruments that are added to the specialists. Open up an issue in our GitHub repository for any apparatuses you might want to see included or any issues you keep running into.

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