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Snapseed For PC Photo Editor Download For Windows/Mac/Android

Snapseed for PC is one of the apps that Google has developed and as we all know Google’s products are among the best. Same with the app, Snapseed photo editor lets you personalize your photos with different effects and filters. Though there are many editing apps available in the market to edit any photo, Snapseed on PC is best of all. It is a kind of in-depth Photo Editor.


Snapseed for Windows is a smartphone application that includes a lot of finger touches while editing the images, as you will use to it, it will become your cup of tea to edit an image and give it your special touch.  Many of us before uploading any photo to social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram edits them.

We like to give our personal touch to the images we upload. Snapseed for Desktop is the best application to provide the snap with a personal touch. Snapseed for PC has got plenty of features. Go to the next section to know all the features of the app in detail.

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1 Features That Makes Snapseed for PC Photo Editor Special
2 How to Download Snapseed for PC
3 How to Use Snapseed for PC Photo Editor
4 Snapseed for Windows Tools and Filters Guide
5 Frequently Asked Question
Precision Control: There are a vast precision and accuracy present in the app during editing or applying filters and tools. So if you worry about the correctness of touch while editing then just relax and use Snapseed for PC carefree.

Updated at Regular Interval of Time: As the time passes, there are daily updates received for Snapseed for PC users. Since there are frequent updates so there are fewer chances of finding bugs, and it develops with the changing time, so if there is any new tool or filter available in the market then you will see it in Snapseed for PC.

Share Your Creation Directly with Social Media: If you’ve finished editing the picture with Snapseed Photo Editor and want to share it to any social networking site or your friend, then you don’t need to go and open any other application. There is an inbuilt option for this.

Simple UI: The User interface of Snapseed for PC is kept simple by its developers. So it is straightforward for rookies to start it out.

Easy Access to Every Tool: It’s all features are available on the main screen, Snapseed Photo Editor lets you customize more easily and fast. You can also access all its tool just from one main window. You don’t have to scroll or search for filters and tools through the window.

29 Tools and Filters: There are numerous amount of tools and filters present Snapseed for PC. We made it for professional editing. It has 29 tools and filters including Healing, Brush Structure, HDR, Perspective and much more.


If you want to use Snapseed on PC, then you should have an android emulator. Android emulators are the software that gives you the exact look and feel of an Android Phone. So if you want to use any Android Application on PC, then you have to use an Android Emulator.

In this article, we will illustrate you, how you can Download Snapseed for PC on your PC. By using Bluestacks Android Emulator. You can Download IMO for PC to make quality video calls for free. Some users don’t like IMO and we have KIK for PC Application for them. You can use both these apps without any Emulator.

To Download Bluestacks visit the following link:


I assume that you have downloaded the Bluestacks app and is currently going to install it. Follow the following steps to set up Bluestacks:
Open the package you have downloaded by double-clicking it.
No, install it as usual. After it will install open it.
You have to sign it using your Google id ( Gmail). Fill all the credentials and tap login. Your Bluestacks will set up.
After you have set up Bluestacks, you will need to download Snapseed for PC. You have three ways to do it. They are:
1.  Download it from Play Store:

There is already a Play Store icon on the main screen of Bluestacks.
Open it and type Snapseed for PC in the search bar and press search icon.
You will find the Snapseed Photo Editor app.
Click on Install, Snapseed for PC to start downloading and will automatically install on your android emulator device.
An icon will create on the main screen of Snapseed for PC.
2.  Download the APK file from any other site

If there is any problem in downloading from the Play Store like Log in error or something, then you can download the Snapseed for PC app APK file and manually install it. Follow the following step:

Open any browser that is available.
Visit the following link.
Your APK will download.
Go to the folder where you have downloaded the APK file.
Click on file. Hit the install button. The installation will start.
Snapseed for PC will install and be ready for use.

3.  Install the APK file if you already have it

If you already have an APK file on your PC and you think that you can install using that file, then you are right, and it is possible. Just follow the following steps:

Open the location in PC where you have kept the APK file of Snapseed for PC.
Right-click on it and click Open with the tab.
Browse to the Bluestacks in C:\Program Files(x86)\Bluestacks\. Here select HD-ApkHandler.exe. {This is the default installation location. If you have changed the installation location during the installation time, then you have to go to that location.
The installation will start and finish soon. Open the app at Bluestacks.
After you have set up the Snapseed on PC, you can use all of the Snapseed features. Just follow the following basic guideline to edit the image:
Tap anywhere on the Snapseed Photo Editor screen to open a photo.
You can select the location from where you want to import the photo.
After finishing the importing, your selected image will display on the screen.
There is an option in the bottom-right corner for editing. Click on it to open all tools and filters.
Select the tool or filter of your choice. The order in which you apply tools and filters matters.
Apply it in the way you like. Snapseed for Windows gives you full liberty.
Compare it with one click. Just tap and hold a tool or filter to reveal the before image. Or from the home screen, tap and hold the image itself.
You can zoom the image to see details using a pinching gesture on the image. Use two fingers to pan the image when zoomed.
Workflow is non-destructive, so if you want to undo or redo any effect, then you can do it even after saving the image.
After you have finished editing and personalization, you can save the photo by clicking on the option given in top-right corner (in the left of 3 icons). Tap it, and click on Save. It will not overwrite your existing image file. It will create a copy of the image file with the modifications.
If you want to share the image, so you can tap the Export button and select share of Snapseed for PC Application.


Raw Develop: Frist Open and tweak RAW DMG files, save non-destructively or export as JPG.

Tune Image: we can modify the exposure and color automatically as well as manually with excellent, precise control.

Details: It Magically brings out surface structures in images.

Crop: This features of Snapseed allows us to crop to standard sizes or freely.

Rotate: Rotate by 90°, straighten a skewed horizon.

Perspective: Fix skewed lines along with the perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings.

White Balance: Adjust the colors by which the images look natural.

Brush: Selectively retouch exposure, saturation and brightness or warmth.

Healing: Snapseed for PC can remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture completely.

Vignette: Adds the soft darkness around the corners like a beautiful, wide-aperture would do.

Text: Snapseed allows you to add both stylized with plain text.

Curves: Have a perfect control of the brightness levels in your photos.

Expand: Snapseed on PC increase the canvas size and fill up the new space in smart ways with pixels of your image.

Lens Blur: Adds a beautiful background softening in images, ideal for the photographic portraits.

Glamour Glow: Snapseed for PC adds a little glow to the images, great for fashion and portraits.

Tonal Contrast: Boosts the details partially in the shadows, mid tones and the highlights.

HDR Scape: Brings the fantastic look to your photos by creating effects of multiple exposures.

Grunge: An sharp look with strong styles and texture overlays.

Grainy Film: Get cool generation video looks with realistic grains.

Noir: Black and White’s movie looks realistic the ‘wash’ effect.

Black & White: Classic Black and White look straight out of the darkroom.

Frames: Add the frames with the adjustable sizes.

Double Exposure: Snapseed for PC mix two photos, choosing from blending modes that are taken by shooting on film & by digital image processing.

Face Pose: Correct the pose of portraits based on 3-D models.

Histogram: Histogram helps to determine the proper image exposure.

Undo: You can undo the new effect by clicking and selecting the undo option.

Redo: Snapseed for PC allows you to redo a change that has been undone by tapping and selecting redo.

Revert: You can change back to the unchanged image and start it again by tapping and selecting revert. You can be undone by the revert action by tapping and selecting Undo.

Query 1 What will be the image resolution after saving?

Answer 1 Image resolution will be the same as of the original image, up to the maximum size that device can process. Device limitation for Android is 20 mp.

Query 2 I was trying to open an image from the Dropbox, but it was unable to open it from there. Can you tell me how to open images in Dropbox?

Answer 2 If your device is compatible with the transfer process for a storage app, the app icon will show each time you tap Open. If your device has a storage app installed, but that app icon does not appear in Snapseed for PC’s Open menu, then, unfortunately, there is no way to access photos stored in Dropbox, but the best solution for this is you should save the picture to your device and then open it in Snapseed for PC.

Query 3 Why are we unable to zoom in lens blur, selective or vignette?

Answer 3 In the Snapchat pinching gesture controls image zoom throughout the process. By the help following tools and filters, where we can use pinching in a little different manner.

Lens blur pinching changes the size, shape or rotation of the area focus.
Selective pinching changes the size of the affected area.
Vignette pinching changes the vignette’s center size.
If you zoom the image then tap anywhere else in the image, then it will deselect the tool and now pinching gesture will control image zoom.

Query 4 I tried updating the Snapseed for PC app from Play Store as usually, but it was not updated. Why?

Answer 4 You should check whether the device is compatible with the latest Snapseed for PC or not, if your device is compatible, and still the app is unable to update then clear the data in Google Play Store and restart the device.

Query 5 I was trying to find the Tilt-Shift filter and couldn’t see it. Can you please help me with it?

Answer 5 Fortunately, in the recent update Tilt, Shift merely has been relocated to the Lens Blur Filter.

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